With all we have seen over the past few decades, it is interesting to look back and see how far we’ve come. Some people might not realize, but Apple didn’t start with the launch of the iPod and iPhone. An old news report uncovered by TikTok user @computerchronicles shows the some of the company’s earlier products, which seem so antiquated for being not that old.  There are some pretty witty observations in the comments section. N Wilder remarked, “Rumors didn’t fly back then, they were still walking.” “No way the general audience knew any of those words,” suggested SarahWolf. Jessy Reyes noted, “so even from day 1 they were using other ppls parts” (this wasn’t Day 1 for Apple but clever observation nonetheless.) I’ll admit it - I’m old enough to remember life before the internet and computers, including learning the basics of typing on the old Apple II desktops. I’m not sure how many people remember the bigger laptops and their briefcase-like carrying cases, but that was cutting edge technology 30-plus years ago. It’s interesting to look back at these old videos and see how much things have changed.