How does Apple keep adding all these bells and whistles to a phone that fits in your pocket? Well, they manage to do a lot of programming to squeeze in all these apps and features. As TikTok user @realdrewkozub shows us, there’s even some room for a few surprises for users - if they just do a little digging.  The commenters posting were very impressed by this finding. “That was the highlight of my day thank you very much,” wrote Bobbi Murphy. Andrew posted, “Finally. Something genuinely useful on TikTok!” “How the hell do people find these things?” wondered Hadyn. It’s so cool to see how people can find all these hidden, unique features in these devices. What’s more impressive is the effort put in by the programmers and engineers who can take a clever idea or some “what-if” moment and turn it into reality. Easter eggs like this is part of the pull of these devices, as they always leave us asking, “What will they think of next?”