How? He says that he taught himself the required skills, crashed a lot of industry events to get noticed and eventually landed a job in the field. Better yet, you won’t believe how much money he makes.


That’s right: a whopping $180,000 a year — with no college degree as a software developer. That’s just a fascinating get by American Income on TikTok. Now, it should be noted that this requires a certain degree of talent to pick up the skills necessary to qualify for hackathons in order to get noticed by tech firms looking for fresh staff. It requires a certain level of natural charisma, too, and a serious knack for coding, otherwise known as software development or engineering. However, what’s so fascinating about it is that there are plenty of jobs that are open in this area across a variety of industries. We can’t speak to this college dropout wunderkind’s experience, but we can speak to the volume of opportunities out there in the software engineering field. And, with pay like that at experience levels so low, imagine what your compensation would be 10 years from now, if not 20. For folks about to get into college or people considering a career change, this seems like a no-brainer to consider.