For instance, how do you wash your hair in space? As it turns out for this astronaut on TikTok, and probably everyone else on the International Space Station (ISS), washing your hair in space is a whole darn thing.


Naturally, zero gravity plays a major role in washing your hair on the ISS, as shown by the video shared by NiceFax0 on TikTok. First, the astronaut uses space-ready drinking water and squirts it through her hair, having to push the drops of water through. Then, she does the same with the no-rinse shampoo, and finally more drops of drinking water. However, where does the water go from there? According to the astronaut, the water in her hair will eventually evaporate in space. She does mention that they wash their hair and bodies less frequently in space than on Earth, because of the limited supplies they can bring up to the ISS. “I’d just get a buzz cut,” says one commenter. We could not agree more — hair just isn’t worth worrying about when you’re in such a precarious place as several miles above Earth.