This time, we’ve got a handmade iPhone case made using a sheet of leather and a basic plastic case shell that the leather will wrap entirely. Just wait until the case maker gets their hands on the camera cutout with the leather and the crafting knife — it’s a masterclass in dexterity.


Did you see how exact he was with that crafting knife? We know there’s the added element of the elapsed time, but still, the end product begins to look like a machine made that case. This person, known as ADJCLIAO on TikTok, is a relatively new account with just a few videos under their belt that all feature handmade leather accessories. The user of the account also claims that they do work for hire, though it’s not clear how that works from them. ADJCLIAO has apparently done acrylic iPhone cases and leather AirPods cases as well. There’s clearly a talent at play here. However, like most everything, it will come down to price. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find anything about pricing listed on the creators’ page. It’s likely the creator works on a per-case basis in that regard. So, if you’re interested in this kind of case work and like to support independent creators, go ahead and contact the case maker. Just remember to verify their identity somehow before making any transactions.