Uploaded to TikTok by user @greatptrio3, this adorable video shows one particular dog that is completely absorbed by a video of some cats playing on a computer.


“We caught these adorable head tilts and all,” writes the creator of the video. “Awe, I love when they do that!” exclaims commenter @crazeeyorkielady. “How sweet!” remarks @katiemisko1. “He loves cats,” explains @greatptrio3. We decided to dig into this a little bit. According to thepawsitive.co, many dogs do enjoy watching videos on screens. “Dogs have the ability to see, hear, and interpret what’s on the television. Not only can they perceive images and sounds on the TV, but they’re intelligent enough to recognize onscreen animals and sounds,” writes thepawsitive.co. “In fact, a 2013 study published in Animal Cognition demonstrated that dogs are able to visually recognize other canines, no matter the breed. This is why you may see your dog take an interest in the TV show you have on, particularly if it involves animals or animal sounds. That being said, dogs experience TV differently than we do and only watch for short bursts at a time.” Recommended For You

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