The video, shared by TikTok user @harry_nils, is a sight to behold. (Note: There is a bit of mature language here.)


“Bro got wrecked and is telling the other guy to be calm,” observes a commenter. Another writes, “He just sits there as his car is flipping.” “The hands were still on the wheel,” notes another. One viewer of the video imagines it was all just a test: “Well, sir, you got a 10 out of 10 on your driving test. Have a good day.” A user suggests this is “the chillest person ever.” Another notes, “He didn’t even yell.” And one imagines the driver going home and saying, “Honey, it happened again.” This was truly an amazingly calm reaction to a very traumatic event. It’s flat-out jarring to witness just how opposite his response is from what one would expect. Recommended for you

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