Uploaded by TikTok user @nilyakllig, the clip elicits some reaction from the comments section. “Better than most Navy commercials right here!” exclaims commenter @jameslukkypowell. “My grandpa always tells me about the dolphins when he was in the navy,” writes @morgankevans. “That was my dad!” observes @natalie.elizab. “He didn’t fly the planes, but he was an integral part to the team.” “Same with mine,” agrees @emilywebster459. “He was an aircraft mechanic.” “Enlisted are the backbone of the Navy,” writes @worldtraveler48. “Without, those planes don’t fly!” says @nurselorie97. “Thank you for your service.” “The REAL ones!” @trulyexclusive1 proclaims. “You guys and gals make it all possible.” “My dad was on the Enterprise so long ago,” notes @lilbitbritt. “Always had interest in this because of him!” “People think this is all glorious,” notes @mamahaleaz, with a dose of sobriety. “It’s hard work on all accounts.” “Enlisted side is the best side!” recalls @bmaree1988. “Especially working on the flight deck. I miss it so much.” Recommended for you

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