Uploaded to TikTok by user @garage_012, the video sparks some discussion about the landing exercise. “No landing failure,” writes commenter @wtuk.6. “He didn’t have his tail hook out so probably just touch and go.” “Not a landing failure,” agrees @wakaiojichan. “Just a practice ’touch and go.’ Notice the tail hook is not down.” “He said never mind,” says @andrei_desebrana. “He forgot his phone at a bar,” jokes @duanelgrno. “He’s lucky the momentum was still there,” surmises @mcmxcvi.03. To which @biubiuboingboing replies, “They set full throttle when they land.” Video viewer @ulaaap14344 seconds that opinion. “That’s not lucky, that’s been the standard when they land,” he says. “They set the thrust to take-off.” “His wife sent a text,” quips @hashtown21. “‘Who is Sarah?’” User @ryouqt5 has a philosophical take on the video. “The mission failed successfully,” he opines. Recommended for you

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