“These people give me faith in us,” says a commenter. “Every single one of those persons were meant to be there at that exact moment,” another writes. “They all had the fight response. Another poses a question: “Why is there always a random soldier?” “I just witnessed the first and last punch that man has ever thrown,” quips one. A viewer of the video noticed this: “The white car that was like yeah anyway. Y’all have fun with that.” Another ponders his future: “I’m going straight to hell for laughing the way I just did at the dude who punched the car window then soothes it with his other hand.”
And this: “Dude punched the window, contemplated his life, then just left.” “That single woman in the beginning doing her ALL for a stranger. Bravo!” says a commenter.
This is a great example of people finding themselves in a situation they weren’t expecting and then reacting bravely and with humanity.  Awesome. Recommended For You

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