Check out which tattoos these folks decided to get rid of in this video posted by TikTok user @Tech.


“Laser tech has gotten so fast!!” writes a commenter. Another shares some personal experience: “They have to do that a couple times before it completely goes away. It hurts more than actually getting a tat.” This one has a personal story as well: “I had to have my tattoo removed 11 times before they were gone! It’s very expensive and it hurts way more than getting a tattoo!” “Was that William Defoe as joker?” asks a viewer of the video. “I need this,” says a user. An observation seems to dawn on this commenter: “So tats are not forever.” “I don’t know why people destroy their bodies with this stuff in the first place,” says another user. And we have note this comment that made us laugh: “Can it remove my school debt?” Well, probably not, but we do agree with the person who marveled at how fast laser technology has become. Recommended for you

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