We don’t really have to get into why, do we? Anyway, a popular tech TikToker known as Chillrogg recently shared a helpful tip for more thoroughly deleting your web browser history in Google Chrome. Just watch this teenage TikToker’s reaction to this tip — it’s priceless.


Yeah, we sure would have loved to have known about this browser history trick when we were late teens, too. Big thanks to Atlantis for reposting this video in getting it into our feed for some big laughs. Here are some of favorite hot takes to this incredibly useful tip: Well, my family is not that smart, so I’m probably fine … right?” one commenter asked. “Wait, if it’s not hidden, where can I see it?” another commenter asked. “I need it for that one video I can’t find anymore.” That’s too much, and we don’t want to know what that missing video is, at all. Finally, these two Safari users hit home hard — they’re in need! “And, um, what do you do if you use Safari … please send help,” a commenter sheepishly asked.  However, this last gem is clearly in more immediate need of assistance. “PLEASE, HOW I DO THIS IN SAFARI (for a friend btw)?” a commenter frantically asked. Someone, please help this poor soul, or send your thoughts and prayers.