This is a piece of beautiful, impressionistic artwork that, when pinched to zoom on a tablet, seems to go on forever. This begs the question: how was such a thing even drawn in the first place?


It seems like, if this were a pixelated image, that it would have to contain an uncountable number of pixels, right? Well, it turns out that this isn’t a traditional image file in the video posted by MrKie on TikTok with art originally created by Vaskange. According to a discussion between proclaimed experts on Twitter, this is a vector image, not a rasterized graphic. The difference is that only the mathematical data required to display the image on the screen is calculated until the image is manipulated. Vector art is difficult to explain, and to be honest we don’t know whether we fully understand it either, so there’s another explanation that is at least easier to understand. TikTok user Blake Bowlen wrote, “Pretty much just zoom in as far as you want, draw it, zoom out , draw around it, zoom out , redraw, and repeat. Even knowing how it is possible still.” Bowlen’s point here is that you can just draw the inner most part of the drawing first, and simply draw everything else around that point, effectively zooming out as you go. Still, that’s a gigantic file, and we’re not sure even the highest-end iPad could effectively capture that entire image without issue. Regardless, Vaskange has a TikTok channel filled with such gorgeous, nearly-endless imagery for your viewing pleasure.