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“Wow!” exclaims a commenter. “This happened to me with a stick shift car—in a parking lot at the post office,” another user shares. “Thankfully my car had only backed into a parking post!” Yes, it’s probably best that only one car was affected in an incident like that. One user keys in on a detail. “I’m probably wrong but wasn’t he parked on the wrong side of the street?” Actually, it does appear that way, for a car heading that direction on that street. Another user shares a personal story of an event similar to this. “It did that on my Ford Ranger truck. I ran, I fell, it ran over my foot before it finally stopped,” he explains. “That hurts.” We imagine that it would certainly hurt to have a truck roll over a foot. We’re glad the truck at least stopped. Luckily in the incident in the video and in the stories shared by readers, it doesn’t appear anyone got seriously injured. Recommended For You

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