This video was posted to TikTok by user @ultimatetreeservice, clearly showing why the company’s work can be of importance for safety considerations, if nothing else.


“That’s God trimming your tree for you,” writes a commenter. “People get all upset when people cut down healthy trees to protect their house,” another writes, and then acknowledges, “This is one that probably should have been cut down.” “That’s why you don’t stand under a tree during a lightning storm, you go in the house,” advises a user. One viewer of the video simply says, “OMG.” A few users comment on the sheer force of the lightning strike. “Mother Nature’s Power,” one writes. “Act of God,” another says, “Very powerful lightning.” “So much for that roof,” comments a viewer of the video. “Timberrrrrrr!” shouts another. “I would have easily slept through it….” a person hilariously surmises. Another asks, “Why would one put a cabin next to this massive tree?” This is a good question and in hindsight certainly was not the best idea. Recommended for you

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