Watch this driver’s wild maneuver to resolve the situation in a video posted by TikTok user @lianggeshuoche.


“I love it, bro,” says one commenter. Another is not so sure: “Better to stay off narrow roads not made for cars.” “He’s a Quadruple James Bond,” one user writes as he notices something. “His license plate says it all.” “That’s great brother,” lauds a viewer of the video. Then he seems to be perhaps a bit sarcastic, writing, “It’s a good lesson in day today’s lifetime. Wonderful idea. Thank you.” “I do this everyday,” writes a reader. “Not safe at all,” says a video watcher that seems a bit concerned. One user says simply, “I couldn’t continue watching.” “Cool stunt-driving,” comments another. “Now let’s see civilization try it.” It is a pretty nifty maneuver, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend it for every driver. Or for every car, for that matter. Recommended for you

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