Watch this video posted by TikTok user @jennafergiefrantz to see what happens. (Warning: Viewer discretion is advised on this one.)


“These are times everyone laughs until they realize the situation,” one commenter says. “I hope buddy is alright. We’ve all been there.” Another writes: “Food for thought, what would have happened if that truck rolled on your friend? Stay out of the back of trucks, man, it’s not worth it.” “Think of the bright side: He’s ok,” suggests a viewer of the video. One asks about what caused the disturbance in the doughnut: “What… Did you hit an old broken land mine?” And a user ponders what the others were thinking. “Uh oh, Garrett flew out again. We gotta redo it.” The video poster assures us the man is fine. But please respect the power of the automobile, folks. It’s bigger, stronger, harder and faster than you. Recommended For You

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