This homemade video is a phenomenal example. It is filmed in Central Alaska by TikTok user @cnlastro. We hope you enjoy it.


“My brain can’t physically understand that this is real,” writes a commenter. “I bet this video still doesn’t do it justice,” guesses another. A user notes, “Solar flares have really been picking up more lately.” “This is an absolute dream of mine to be able to see in person,” a viewer of the video says. “I’m getting chills just watching it from this side of the screen,” writes one person. Someone else expresses a desire to see them in person. “Wow, I would love to see the northern lights one day.” “And they say there’s no magic in the world. There’s magic everywhere,” a commenter proclaims. “This is my dream,” agrees one. “Just once, to see lights like this in the vastness of the sky. Unfathomable to me. Thank you.” Another has a sudden thought while watching the video. “Just realized I’ve never seen a real video of this. Only reproductions in movies.” Yes, the Aurora Borealis are an incredible sight to behold. It’s great that people who can see the Northern Lights are able to share the videos so those who cannot see them have the opportunity to appreciate them as well.  Recommended for you

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