And, it’s thanks in large part to illustrious and dedicated engineers and inventors, such as PandaBionics on TikTok, who have spent countless hours working toward smarter and less expensive products. Below is just one slice of the inventor’s long story that is still ongoing, and the combination of high ambition and impact with stunning technical displays might just have you crying.


It’s tough not to be moved by this one, honestly, because of the amount of lives this technology might change in the near future. We’re not going to pretend to understand how this works, but Panda says that it uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to work even with people who have lost their hands. We imagine it has to do with learning the signatures of the person’s electrical impulses to control each digit of their hand and responding with the correct motion. Combine this with a prosthetic arm, and amputees could have more mobility and interaction than ever possible before with basic prosthetic hands. Better yet, it’s supposed to cost just $600 when it is expected to be released later this year — that’s not a lot in the world of medical devices. “Probably the most amazing story I’ve seen on this app,” replied one commenter. “This is what human life should be all about.”