This supermodel TikToker found a team of robots that make ice cream for sale, and now we want this everywhere we go. Can you catch which flavor ends up being served?


It looks to us like one of those home or country vanilla blends that a bit more yellow than pure white. The woman who posted this is Iro “argyroiro” Dimitropoulou, a Greek supermodel. It’s unclear exactly where this team of robots was found, but we know by the video’s hashtags that it was found somewhere in Arabia. Also, when you look closely, you can see that the robots work for a company known as Quokka (like that adorable marsupial) Robotic Gelato. So yes, this is technically gelato, not just ice cream … but it’s basically ice cream. It seems from our best count that there are five unique robots that work in tandem to take your order, scoop the ice cream, and put it in a cup for you. Our biggest question is how much this gelato costs … you know, considering those robots aren’t paid a salary. That said, we hope that one person we can see on site is getting paid well to deal with those robots, which are probably both difficult and lonely to work with.