Now, let’s see a group of pilots try to fly in that same spirit … but in massive gunships. Surely this will end badly, right? Watch along, and be amazed by some of those most incredible piloting seen for a long, long time.


First of all, the view that TikToker 9zyzjse found is simply superb, assuming it’s their original video. But really, look at just how close not only are these jets flying in unison, but how close some of them get to grazing the mountainside. We’ve all seen fighter jets make similar moves or better, but those are two-man fighter jets. These are AC-130 gunships that can hold several people and carry lots of heavy weaponry, with a wingspan of 132 feet — wider than three buses from nose to tail. These gunships can hold up to 16 people and carry up to 155,000 pounds at a time. So, to see them just glide through turns like this is stunning. “The boys are coming in hot,” said one commenter. “Sir, that is an AC-130 gunship, not an f-18, sir,” another commenter joked. “Sir, slow down, sir!!” At any rate, these pilots deserve awards, raises, or both for demonstrating this kind of skill.