From plastics to metals, we thought we had seen it all … until we came across this 3D clay printer. That’s right, clay — the wet stuff. Now, watch this 3D clay printer produce an elaborate vase in seconds flat. OK, so it’s time-elapsed, but it’s still enthralling to see.


It’s just amazing what we’ve achieved in the fields of 3D printing and robotics over the last decade since prices began to drop for consumers. Dara Schaefer, the creator of this TikTok, answers a few questions in her video, particularly about the 3D printer itself. This unit is called the Potterbot, manufactured and sold by 3D Potter for about $5,000. Apparently, the pieces produced by the Potterbot fare just as fine as handmade pieces when placed in a kiln to harden and solidify. Now, five grand is quite a pretty penny for just any old fellow, but for someone planning to make a business out of it, it might be worth the investment. However, you should know that prints still take a long time to produce. For example, it takes the device 5 hours to make a piece that is 17 inches tall, according to Schaefer. So yes, the video displays quite the time lapse. “That’s super fast compared to most forms of 3D printing,” one commenter replied, who we sure hope knows what a time lapse. If not, at least one guy getting into 3D printing today is going to be severely disappointed.