In the video below, the ways in which this brand new illustration app, powered by AI, improves upon the user’s most basic scrawlings are amazing. Better yet, it’s available for everyone.


Shared by TikTok’s Jacob “JaySpanks” Fraizer, the app in the video is known as Nvidia Canvas. This app was developed by the company behind the most popular computer graphics cards today to demonstrate its hardware’s capabilities in AI-driven graphics generation. With that in mind, to test the app’s open beta period (and likely even after full launch), you will need a Windows PC with an Nvidia GeForce RTX, Nvidia RTX, or Titan RTX graphics card to use the app. We’re not only blown away by the results of the app as displayed by JaySpanks, but really by the implications of such advanced technology. How will something like this affect the art industries? Will a development like this cheapen the value of art or simply increase the value of naturally-created art even further? It’s too early to know for sure, but it’s likely we will know the answer within this generation.