Then, they stitch those drawings to play alongside the song for some interesting effects. Listening to such an eerie song like Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” with such a specifically-tailored set of artwork certainly makes it hit way different.


What’s especially neat about the TikToker Tony Aube’s presentation is how he times the appearance of the art with the song’s tempo. And, just like Hozier’s own song, these drawings have a bit of a macabre appearance to them. Red is a heavily consistent color theme across the drawings presented here, for instance. Religious or not, we’d certainly hate to be taken to this church, if you catch our drift. Here’s how the viewers are taking in the AI drawing app’s interesting work. “The juxtaposition between these and the meaning of the song,” one viewer commented with an applause emoji. “So I guess painters are out of a job now,” another commenter said (possibly without thinking too much beforehand). “This is much better than most modern art you see in museums.” OK, dude, pump the brakes. The work is impressive, but it in no way rivals history’s most prolific and impactful pieces of art created by humans. Finally, we have this viewer comment with, “Alright, that’s it. AIs do art better than we do.” Again, we think these folks are giving up hope too soon. There will always be room for art created by humans — don’t worry.