Surely this won’t end in abject failure for this whirling dervish of destruction, right? Right? OK, fine, it gets absolutely wrecked and sent flying across the arena, but damn is it fun to watch.


There’s something that we’ve come to notice about BattleBots: robots that flip or launch their opponents are sorely underestimated. Shared by an account known simply as BattleBots (though it doesn’t appear to be an official account), the video includes some deeply satisfying slow-motion clips. Here’s what some of the viewers are saying: “This has been the best match I have ever seen since the show has aired,” a commenter prominently stated. Another commenter rhetorically asked, “Now are there any questions of why there is a cage that goes so high?” “His reaction makes it that much better,” another commenter points out, which is totally true — the winning team’s gleeful shock is contagious. Finally, this commenter pointed out that, “Gigabyte’s team is dressed like they’re headed to FlavorTown,” which — not to kick the losing team while it’s down — is still hilarious.