So, when you usually see an F1 vehicle end up in an explosive crash, it’s usually a tragic event. Not so this time, during which an F1 driver emerges from the flames of an explosive crash … relatively unscathed.


Posted by a TikTok account known as MovieGuyAndrew, the video is a highlight reel from a recent crash involving Swiss-French racer Romain Grosjean. It’s unclear how Grosjean was able to survive the crash specifically, but he did appear to walk away with some damage to one of his legs, limping away from the scene with support. However, the flame retardant nature of Formula 1 suits helped protect him immensely, not to mention his helmet. In fact, following the incident, Grosjean has been referred to as “The Phoenix” for obvious reasons. A relatively recent development in F1 safety known as the “Halo” was also likely a large part in Grosjean’s survival. It’s a thick titanium beam that helps block the driver’s head from substantial damage, reducing fatalities by around 17%. While this is an incredible sight of luck and perseverance to behold, it should also be taken as a warning for anyone looking to get into the sport. Recommended For You

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