Today, militaries around the world have fighter jets with the capability to take off and land without any need for forward momentum. These are generally called jump jets, and watching them in motion looks like Top Gun 3 and 4 hit the real world first before theaters.


This here is specifically an F-35B Lightning II fighter jet with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, thanks to the jump jet technology seen prior in the United Kingdom’s Harrier II, which the F-35B replaces. This jet was developed by the US-based firm Lockheed Martin and first flew in 2008, shared here by Tekinvari of TikTok. It’s still in use today, being one of the fastest in its class worldwide. Many online have confused this jet with the Harrier of the UK, but indeed this is the F-35B designed to replace it. The jump jet technology allows for safer and more predictable landing on top of moving targets, like an aircraft carrier’s landing pad. When landing, no one wants a limited runway. It should be obvious by now that this is the way in which so many sci-fi spaceships take off and land within those fictional universes. To have this technology, however rudimentary in comparison, today in the real world is just super cool to see finally realized. Here’s to hoping it comes to commercial jets sooner than later.