However, any seasoned fan of battles between diminutive, remote-controlled robots knows: you shouldn’t bring a flamethrower. It may not be smart strategically, but it sure does make for an exciting and explosive show to watch.


Thanks to TikToker Vinore Store for posting this classic “BattleBots” clip. What you have here is a spectacle of an image of spectacular failure. Basically, you shouldn’t bother bringing a flamethrower to a robot fight, unless those flames are exceedingly hot, because most battle bots are made of metal, which is generally highly heat-resistant. With that in mind, it’s going to take quite a while to heat that metal up to the point of melting or causing internals to fail. At that point, it’s just a big fire show. The Bronco bot here makes quick work of the flame-throwing robot with physics rather than flames. This is because a ring-out is essentially a victory in BattleBots — you don’t have to eliminate the opponent outright. Most robots in this “battle bot” category don’t have the ability to climb or overcome obstructions in their path. Therefore, a successful ring-out is a win. If you’re going to build a battle bot, focus on crushing, slicing, or even flipping your opponent‘s bot into submission — flames are cool, but they just won’t do the trick.