However, this jet pack, naturally developed by or for a military division, doesn’t work exactly how science fiction has been depicting it for decades. Check out the weird way in which this jet packs has to work to succeed in the real world.


TKTK The jets that lift and move the person attached to them are fitted to the operator’s hands. This makes things interesting. As seen in the video by Military Fan on TikTok, it’s clear that the jet pack doesn’t use combustible fuel as the propulsion method. Rather, it appears that these two-pronged jets on each hand simply take in and push air at extremely high speeds, thus producing lift-off. Think of them as absurdly more powerful Dyson Airblade hand dryers you see in many public bathrooms … strapped to someone’s hands. While this looks goofy and not how many of us may have dreamt of it, this approach to jet pack technology gives the user so much more control than they would have with a small, combustible fuel thruster strapped on their back. Unfortunately, it does leave the user rather defenseless while in flight, which is strange considering the military application it’s being demonstrated for. We don’t get to see how easy it is to take off the thrusters in the video, but we certainly wouldn’t want to be targets without cover in a military situation. Regardless, this is insanely cool and another example of how sci-fi informs today’s technology.