Apple has all but emphatically said “never” in the past in interviews, so we’re left with going for the next best thing. Luckily, the next best thing is a gorgeous tablet device that can unlock an entirely new Mac experience. You won’t believe what a Mac looks like with touch controls.


This portable touchscreen monitor of sorts was made by Espresso, a display manufacturer and design company. It works with all sorts of devices, but particularly Mac and Windows computers. That’s because it’s designed to bring touch controls to those types of computers, particularly Macs that traditionally don’t have them. The monitor has its own software that works to bring touch gesture controls to macOS, the Mac operating system, and Windows (though most Windows laptops have touchscreens already, so it’s a bit moot). You can swipe through apps and use the Espresso display to draw in apps like ProCreate and more. The screen can even be used vertically, and the contents adapt automatically. However, the Espresso Touch models are quite expensive as portable monitors go, starting at $439 for a 13-inch model and $499 for a 15-incher. That said, if you’ve been dying to get touch controls on a Mac, this is probably your best bet for a long time, if ever.