TikToker Akerzys, in response to another account commenting on one of his other videos saying that he couldn’t build a gaming PC for just $80, posted this video. Considering even the cheapest gaming PCs we’ve seen are about $500, you might have an idea as to what Akerzys has in mind.


So, it seems that all you need to get a gaming PC for $80 is a full face mask made of wool, some new boots, and a crowbar. Where you go with that is apparently up to you — likely your local retailer? Clearly this is a joke, because it’s physically impossible to get a gaming PC at such a ludicrously low price. But, it also speaks to just how out of control gaming PC prices have become over the past three years or so. Prices for components and complete systems have been hiked up by cryptocurrency farmers and speculators as far back as 2016 or earlier, as well as a silicon processor shortage starting in late 2019, both of which are still ongoing. Still, to think that in any era you could get a gaming PC for 80 bucks is just silly, and deserves such a response video. It gave us a good midday laugh, at least. Commenters on the video are asking for gaming PC “builds” at even lower prices, which is just hilarious. How on earth would Akerzys build one for just one dollar, for instance — panhandling?