That’s why this video of what appears to be an artificially intelligent robot that draws mazes is so hilarious. This robot has the capacity to draw an extremely complex maze … only to solve it like a complete jerk.


Wow, what a cheater! Posted by Robots Draw on TikTok, this video seems more like a tongue in cheek reply to a viewer’s request. Still, it had us going for quite a while. And, technically if the programmer didn’t add any rules for the robot to follow, or missed a loophole in the programming, then this was the path of least resistance for the bot. Therefore, we’d say that shows real smarts on behalf of this little drawing machine. “The rage and offense I’ve taken to this video,” one commenter said. “Well played, Creator.” We have to agree: we feel the burn from this video. “He… did the UNTHINKABLE,” another commenter joked. “IT IS MORE ADVANCED THAN WE COULD EVER BE.” Meanwhile, everyone else appears to have paused the video and solved it the old fashioned way, largely to widespread satisfaction. Another point for humanity!