According to this TikTok clip, Target stores are starting to employ robotic manicure providers, at least in Texas. The result? We think people in the cosmetology industry need to pay close attention to this.


Did you see how fast and precisely the robot applied the paint to that middle finger nail? It took all but a few seconds, and TikTok’s Bailey “foxymamabailey” Fox is clearly impressed. Frankly, so are we! This is likely to trigger a pretty sizable change in how people get manicures if the robot technology continues to be stable in its rollout. How do we know that? The comments, of course! One commenter said, “Introverts … our time is NOW.” “Great, now my wife will NEVER leave,” laments another commenter. But, there are some dissenters in the mix … and one with a great point. “But it won’t massage my hands and ask me about my love life,” another commenter sagely points out. Finally, this commenter raises an important point in saying, “Y’all it’s not a full manicure! It’s just the paint.” Duly noted! At any rate, we’re surely only a few years out from full manicure capability, which will be both cool for us and not-so hot for folks in the field — sorry.