At least that’s the impression we get from this hilarious TikTok video of a robot trying to assemble a hot dog. The key words there are “trying to,” as the robot clearly shows it’s having some trouble from step number one.


You had one job, robot … one job. Thanks to Miczel68 for posting this absolute riot of a video. We love how the fails start with basically step one. Basically, the robot misses the bun, and then continues to go through the motions as if it were successful … but clearly wasn’t. “I think we’re gonna be safe from robots for at least another few years,” one commenter said, and we can’t agree more. “All the women watching this right now,” another commenter quipped, “feeling like this is really relatable.” “This happens when you want to create a solution without a problem,” another commenter sagely said. “I don’t know how, but it looks like the robot is proud of every step?” one more commenter asks. “I imagine it saying a little “Voilà” at every task.” That’s right, we’re all rooting for the little hot dog bot that could.