This was the luckiest guy on TikTok the day this was posted, when he got to pilot a gigantic mechanized suit meant to increase the strength of the average human by up to 50 times. His reaction to the sheer power of this massive piece of machinery is basically us at 5:01pm on any given Friday.


“That was the craziest rush of my life,” the man yells after he has literally flipped a truck in what’s essentially the prototype Hulkbuster armor from The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This suit is called Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot, developed by Exosapien Technologies. The company is based in Squamish, B.C. in Canada, but it’s traveling the United States during summer 2022 to display the progress on its first prototype. Promotional footage of demonstrations the company has posted online show the suit being used in emergency situations, such as towing a truck through difficult terrain and demolition efforts. The suit weighs roughly 9,000 pounds, which is twice as much as the standard car. By strapping the user into stirrups that take their motions as if the user was walking on all fours, the suit enhances the force of that movement through electro-hydraulics, haptic feedback (motion), and a custom-engineered air-and-coil shock suspension system. The technology seems a lot like how the brakes and steering wheel on a car work, translating relatively effortless motions into stopping and turning a 2-ton car. Finally, the inventors behind the project are interested in starting a sort of mecha-sports league in which people battle or race one another within these suits. Our anime dreams of decades past are becoming a reality.