Just take this piece of video evidence as to the efficacy of Tesla’s Autopilot autonomous driving controls. Wait and see how the car handles being behind a horse and buggy.


Posted by the TikToker known as GreezyKnuckles, the Tesla in the video immediately gets confused as to what the object is in front of it. Is it a truck? Is it a car? But wait, there’s a person visible … is it s person behind a truck? That’s basically the erratic thought process the Tesla must be going through as it attempts to render just what it’s looking at. Considering that Tesla’s Autopilot upgrade, which costs an additional $12,000, is still in beta testing, it’s probably not meant for Amish country. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla were to update and patch out this issue, especially if the video were to go viral. Regardless, here’s another friendly piece of background information for you, if you’re on the fence about that $12K Autopilot upgrade for your Tesla. Recommended For You

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