Smart mirror technology is available, and it is not prohibitively expensive. It’s more of a do-it-yourself project. TikTok user @syn_technology shows us her iteration of mirror-as-media in this video.


The video begins displaying the text, “I’m never using a regular mirror again.” It makes sense. We live in a society where screens with data are everywhere. Why not have hands-free access to information on a piece of furniture we’re staring at anyway? One commenter acknowledges her need for information while engaged in her daily routine, but seems to feel a bit conflicted about it. “I feel a constant need to listen to music or watch a show w every task. Like just to brush my teeth I had Netflix on. Like that’s so sad,” @meowwokayyokayy writes. “This is perfect i am an ipad baby,” commented @shelbielavonne. Video viewer @marilougalaxy worries about the impact of such a mirror on her morning routine. “I would always be late,” she imagines. Others are not so sure about the usefulness of such technology. “How sad is this? We cannot even watch ourselves without let the phone away. It feels like black mirror,” says @r22mp. Like most technology, it seems a smart mirror would suit some just fine, and there are others that would rather get along without it. Recommended for you

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