“Why did the last one do that, though?” asks a commenter, referring to an odd parting shot at the end of the video. Watch the amazing spectacle in this video posted by TikTok user @itsluxifycm. (Note: It doesn’t appear that any animals were seriously hurt in this video, but it might be difficult for some readers to watch.)


“It’s a deer ambush,” says a user. “They really said ‘Ayo jump this fool,’” comments another. “The deer that jumped over the car!” exclaims a viewer of the video. Another noticed that as well, saying, “They jumped him, literally.” A number of viewers took note of a parting shot at the end. “Last one was personal,” writes a commenter. “That last one came back to make sure he got hit for that insurance money,” a reader surmises. “Last one such a show-off,” says another video watcher. This reader is already thinking about the financial ramifications: “That guy’s gonna have fun explaining that to his insurance company,” he writes. Recommended For You

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