Almost every tech device you own likely uses some form of solid state storage. Regardless, we like to poke fun at the old school hard drive crowd, and were so glad to see a video like this. So, do you want to see what a running hard drive does when it’s touched by a marker?


Yep, that’s right: it freaks the hell out. Honestly, we don’t know what else we were expecting. It’s an electronic device and a wet substance is coming into contact with it, so of course something erratic would happen. Still it’s pretty funny to watch the hard drive needle essentially go, “Nope, nope, nope!” as it flails across the data disk. Now, there really isn’t any logical, normal scenario wherein someone would touch a hard drive with a Sharpie much less an SSD. And so, this doesn’t really do anything for the HDD versus SSD debate, but it’s still funny to watch. Regardless, thanks to Testiplay on TikTok for the good laugh.