Posted to TikTok by user @tech, the video sparks some reaction in the comments section. “Welcome to the bayou,” writes commenter @rkh0503. “Alligator said ‘No drones allowed,’” suggests @david.99x. “And when you learn to follow the rules,” announces @legsgo5, “you can have it back.” “LOL,” chuckles @spillway3, as he notices “the way the gator waited until the camera was focused.” “Ha! That’s what you get,” comments @noneya340. “Leave him alone.” “How did you get it back?” asks @good_dad_to_3. “Probably didn’t,” guesses @myequestrianjourney_. “Probably recording it on their phone and had the video saved.” “It always freaks me out,” confesses @red_kas_sox. “They basically stand in the water.” “The alligator was just waiting for the right moment to strike!” surmises @ginacasarez0. “You invaded his privacy,” writes @betternow_21. “He’s got things he doesn’t want you to see.” User @jessicamae1688 summarizes the event like this: “An alligator may have eaten it,” she says, “But its owner cried crocodile tears because drones aren’t cheap.” Recommended for you

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