Open Add-ins

I’m using a Mac to install the YouTube add-in in the following example. The process should be similar to using a Windows system. To get the app, click on the insert tab followed by clicking on the get add-ins buttons.

Search for the YouTube Add-in

Next, use the search bar to look up the YouTube add-in and select add.

Agree With License Agreement

Make sure that you understand the licensing agreement before proceeding with the continue button. Make sure you have a URL handy to use for the add-in. The add-in may also be used with Vimeo but I’m not using that platform here.

Enter the URL

I selected a meditation video and I checked the box to auto-play the following video. You also have the option to change the start and end times of the video. Click the set video button to get your video running.

Resizing and Moving the Video Player

Now that the video player is running, I can now click on the outer area of the player to select it. This enables you to move it or conveniently move it to another area of the spreadsheet.

Saving the File

The video player will still play even when Excel is minimized. If you save Excel the player will remain on the save tab where it was created and have the same URL attached to it.

Video Settings

Most of the settings on the player work just as they would on YouTube. Each is listed below:

Pause/Play Volume Live Closed Captions YouTube Link Video Quality Setting

The one thing you can’t do is set the player to run as a full screen. To make the video bigger you must select it can drag the edges to the appropriate size.

Moving the Player

Suppose that you will be working in another tab for an extended period of time and you would like to have access to the player. You can select the player by clicking on its outside edge and cutting it. Go to the location where you would like the player to play and paste it. Interestingly, you may also paste multiple players into a workbook. I wouldn’t suggest running multiple players at once because it could get a little noisy.

Removing the Add-in

To remove the add-in, delete each instance of the player followed by navigating to the My add-ins button located on the insert tab. Click in the three dots next to the left of the add-in and select remove. If you remove the add-in but leave a player window open, you can add the add-in back from the player. I like this add-in and will be using it a lot when I don’t have an extended display hooked up to my laptop. Unfortunately, the only way to select a different URL is to go back to the add-in screen and enter a new one. There may be another way but I haven’t found it yet. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Joshua Crowder

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