In the same way that car lovers enjoy watching a car being assembled, we get a kick out of watching PC parts be put together. Both involve soldering, but there’s actually something extremely cool about the process of soldering that we haven’t noticed before. You’ll see what we’re talking about in the video.


See how quickly the solder sets and cools into the copper wiring it was applied over? This is because solder is a gathering of metals at a lower melting point than the metals it’s adhering together. Solder melts at anywhere from 190-to-840 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes in spools to be applied using a soldering iron or otherwise known as a soldering gun. It’s all rather similar to hot glue, but requires more precision generally, as demonstrated by the machinery at work in PCB Designer’s TikTok video. Commenters are generally as entranced as we were, judging by our research. “OMG this is so satisfying, knowing the struggle of soldering cleanly,” user Ivan Cortez posted. Another user plainly asked, “Why is this satisfying?” Finally, a user named simply Peter complimented the channel for its solid soldering form.  “Very neat and no cold joints,” Peter said. “Mum would solder 5,000 wiring joints a day with her hands. No machines taking over jobs.” Clearly, for the PC builders and modders out there, this is a deeper delight than we experience simply looking at the spectacle of melting metal.