Here we’ve found a short clip of something truly cool and, well, satisfying to watch. If you’ve ever wanted to see how colors interact and mix in a low-gravity environment, here’s your chance.


The channel known as IdeaTimes shared this short video (first shot by Smarter Everyday) of colored liquids being projected at one another through an additional clear liquid (likely water). Whether it’s blue and yellow or red and blue, the results are simply beautiful to watch, even on repeat — this is TikTok, after all. The waves that the liquid collisions create are stunning, and actually reminiscent of how the aliens communicate in the film “Arrival”. It’s unknown what the purpose of such a device is beyond the super cool effects it creates, but lots of viewers are likening this to the Large Hadron Collider located deep underground beneath Switzerland. This massive particle accelerator uses intense, massively high-energy proton beams to fire distinct particles at one another to trigger chain reactions that may lead to the generation of previously undetectable, mathematically theorized particles. That’s definitely not at all what’s happening here, but we can dream as we watch it on loop, can’t we?