In this latest example, a Twitch streamer and Tesla fan found out the hard way that Autopilot is not exactly like the self-driving cars in “Minority Report.” Watch until the end to see this poor sap’s reaction — and don’t worry, nobody gets hurt.


Yep, it turns out that this poor guy’s Tesla is now “just a regular car.” We’re sorry that this fellow — shared by CarCrashesOfTikTok — had to learn the hard way. But, it should be clear by now that Autopilot, which costs an extra $12,000, probably isn’t worth a few month’s rent or pushing that kitchen remodel back any further. “‘While using Autopilot, it is your responsibility to stay alert, keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times and maintain control of your car,’” one commenter sarcastically posted, quoting a warning from Tesla. “Imagine if that was a pedestrian,” another commenter points out, which frankly isn’t necessary. Autopilot-controlled, semi-driverless cars from Tesla have already been involved in several incidents involving pedestrians. “It’s called a BETA for a reason,” said another commenter. That point begs us to question: if Autopilot is technically a beta product or feature, why is it being offered to the public now, and at that such a premium?