The latest stop on the hype train is this SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket absolutely nailing a vertical thruster landing. There’s something incredibly satisfying and affirming about watching something so unbelievably complex go off without a hitch.


TKTK When we watch this video posted by the SpaceX fan TikTok account known as SpaceX Updates, we’re firstly amazed at the spectacle of it all. But even after that glitz and glamor fade away, we’re left shocked that such a thing was even possible, and later reaffirmed of humankind’s potential. This commenter seems to get it. “The amount of math this would need … well done,” the commenter recognized and congratulated. “How lucky we are to see and experience something so incredible,” another commenter said, echoing our thoughts exactly. “The development of humankind is unbelievable.” To put that incredible math into even more perspective, this commenter pointed out that this is “the equivalent of a 15 story building landing perfectly.” Even the legendary Slim Jim account chimed in with, “Explain in Fortnite terms and then tell me how it affects Lebron’s legacy.” And finally, the greatest modern encapsulation of what’s on display here: “World’s greatest bottle flip trickshot from outer space.”