It’s all in good fun, after all, and it’s not us who are randomly injuring people, so… Anyway, enjoy this video of a guy using a universal remote to open Teslas’ charging ports in parking lots.


Posted by a TikToker known simply as Jamie, it shows them using some sort of universal remote control to remotely open the charging ports on several Tesla cars. The video has the words “F*ck your Tesla” pasted on it, so it might be a bit more aggressive than we might think? Then again, what he’s actually doing appears to be generally harmless. “How did you do this???” a commenter asked with urgency. “I wanna mess with my coworker.” “What is this product called?” another commenter asked. “For research purposes.” Commenters in the thread point out that the charge port cover will likely close automatically, so there shouldn’t be any harm involved. That didn’t stop comments from heating up between Tesla lovers and haters. While we don’t mean to fan a flame war, we do mean to have some fun. Enjoy your Tesla, everyone who owns one, just be a little less annoying about it? And haters: point your ire at Tesla Inc., not the customers. Recommended For You

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