Mission accomplished with whatever this monstrous creation is or what it’s intended to do. A mechanized tongue is just something gross to think about on its face, but then it has to drool buckets? Again … why?


Sadly, the poster of the video known as Mister Illusions on TikTok does not answer any of the viewers questions in the comments from what we could find. That leaves us even more confused as to just what we’re looking at here. The deeply creepy music doesn’t help either.  Our best guess is this is part of some alternative art installation (think Burning Man), though as to the metaphor we haven’t a clue in the slightest.  Anyway, here are some of our favorite comments on the video, since you know they went into the gutter immediately. “‘Ma’am … ma’am!,’” one commenter posted before immediately replying with, “‘Huh?’ ‘Bring me that device … bring me … that device!!’” One commenter plainly stated, “Got my bf.” “Girls punching the air rn,” another commenter quipped. And finally, our favorite response to the creepiest piece of machinery we’ve seen in a long time: “Where can I buy this? Asking for a friend.”