This TikToker asked an AI drawing app the question, “What will future humans look like?” The AI’s answers may be along the lines of what you might expect, but it goes a little further with the idea than we’re comfortable with, to be honest.


Many sci-fi fans know about the concept of the singularity, or the moment when machines develop parity with humans and at that moment converge through synthetic modifications. However, we didn’t necessarily imagine it to be quite so … transformative and garish. At least that’s the take this AI had when asked, thanks to AI Photos on TikTok. However, it’s important to remember that these AI drawing apps are working with data sets of search queries made by humans with results populated by humans. That means the AI is only aggregating what the world collectively thinks when supplied with that question, but amalgamated into single images. That said, we feel like the depictions here are particularly grotesque in how that supposed unity between machine and man is achieved. Also, some of the images look smudged or incomplete, which is an artifact of the process through which AI generates the images. The AI is really just using image association without innate knowledge or ingenuity behind the drawing process. At any rate, leave it to our growing AI overlords to give us a gruesome look at the future not so far off.