Well, this AI drawing app that’s said to put human artists out of work can’t even spell yet, much less consistently draw sensible pictures. This AI was asked to draw a “Fortnite Battle Pass,” which is admittedly a strange request, and its results are … terrible.


In the first response to the TikToker GreenSkull’s question, the AI known as Midjourney clearly tries — and spectacularly fails — to spell the words “Fortnite Battle Pass.” The resulting images are also nothing that we’d certainly pay for as a client. So, not only are we likely safe from AI for a good while based on these spelling skills, artists are also likely safe in their careers of choice for quite some time. However, these clear failings in the AI’s work appear to be lost on most denizens of the “TokVerse”. “All but the first look more like Valorant, [to be honest],” one commenter said, recalling a similar-looking first-person shooter game from another developer. After scrolling through more than 100 more comments, this viewer said, “That first one looks really cool.” And so, our faith in the human race has somehow been diminished even further by some of the most advanced AI technology we have to date. Thanks, Internet — we hate it.