However, how weird can we force these AI apps to get? Well, just make up your own weird-sounding words, throw them at the AI, and see what happens with what it comes up with.


When asked to draw a “scrobble shneest” for the TikToker known as Thomas Flight, the AI created something that we honestly kind of expected. That pinkish, purplish gooey goblin definitely looks like a shneest. The cagastrine eploxy also looks like exactly what we’d imagine it to with a name like that. There’s a weird capability of this AI, known as Midjourney, to deliver something that looks close to expectations for completely made up words. Here’s what the viewers are saying about this peak AI weirdness. “These are all correct,” one commenter confidently stated. “Yes, these are perfect,” another commenter agreed. Another commenter sagely pointed out, “Just so we’re clear all of these things do exist somewhere in the multiverse.” “Fun fact: All of these are now Star Wars characters,” another commenter joked. Finally, even the official Slim Jim TikTok account chimed in with, “I love prodle.” Yes, Slim Jim, we too love prodle. #prodle4life